Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The correct tools for the job.

I think before we dive head first into styling, we should talk about tools. What are the best tools for the style and where can you find them. 

1. Bobby pins vs. hair pins

For those of you who don't know, there is a difference. And, they have different jobs to preform. 

Bobby pins (also called:Hair grip, grip, kirby grip or granny clips) are a double-pronged hair pin that slides into hair with the prongs open and then the flexible prongs close over the hair to hold it in place. Bobby pins became popular during the 1920's to hold the new Bobbed hairstyles. Bobby pins come in a variety of colors and are best suited (unless intentional) closest to your hair color.Bobby Pins are used to anchor sections of hair to your head. When you are initially creating the structure of your coiffure, you use bobby pins. When you are placing curls and defining hair sections you use hair pins.
Bobby Pins

Hair pins most commonly known now as a bent "U" shaped metal wire with kinks on both sides. Length ranges anywhere from 2in-6in. Hairpins also come in a variety of colors and are est suited if they match your hair color. Some hair pins are more "Flimsy" and some are more ridged. I prefer both when doing updos or fastening hair back. The "flimsy" ones can be bent to make the ends cross, making them difficult to slide or wiggle out (usually caused by walking or dancing hard. Both sighs, usually, of a good time.) once they are set. However, sometimes you just want to set it with a ridged hair pin and be done. I carry both in my kit. We will talk more about pin selection in an updo tutorial. 

Hair Pins

Lastly, I want to talk about clips.

2. Clips.

There are several types of clips, and I am only going to go over a few setting clips for right now. Some good staple clips to have around are Duck bill clips, pin curl clips and some wave clips. 

Duck bill clips have a long end on them with a  spring at the top. These are great for holding sections out of your way or used as an extra hand when wanting something close but you just can't hold it all. I also use these for holding waves when doing finger waves or brushing out a pin curl set. They are just an over all clip that are great to have on hand.

Pin Curl Clips come in a few varieties. Pictured below are both the two prong ones and the one prong. I like the two prong ones for doing a pin curl set, but like the one prong to hold rollers for a roller set. I feel like the two prong clips create less tension on the hair, causing less kinks. I like the one prong clips to hold the heavier rollers, so they don't slip or fall out. 

and lastly,

Wave clips. These clips are newer to my entourage. In school we never used them. We were forced to do it all with technique and product. These little guys are like cheaters. Cheaters of the best kind!! I love them. I will do a tutorial with these guys too, showing waves both with the clips and without. You will see the clips are amazing. 
I will post more about hot tools and other styling tools next. Please let me know if you have any questions specifically about certain tools or how to use them. I'd love to help. Email me at: moniquerondeau@yahoo.com

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